Jaylan_Brown's ATC Tracking Thread - (PASSED PRACTICAL)

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. My name is Jaylan Brown. I control with the username Jaybro5555 on insta and my callsign in Infinite Flight 1273. I recently retook my IFATC written test and got an 88%. This thread is to help me get better at my skills of controlling the skies of Infinite Flight as I will be doing my practical test soon. Your feedback after controlling is greatly appreciated :)

Airport: KSJC
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Status: open in 5 mins

I need about 4 to 5 planes :)


I will be there man

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Thank you bro

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I’ll tell you guys when I’m ready lol… I’m going on the road😂
Just keep replying

Wow you said 5 minutes then I am waiting already

I know
Sorry bro
My mom just came to me and tell me she bringing me somewhere
When I get home I open
Tbh you are the only one who answered lol

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No problem Bro. You can PM me later. I am not the best option you will have for feedbacks but avaiable to help

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I opened at KSAN
ground and tower
I dunno if that counts lol

Only a few things I have is after already being in the pattern you do not have to always tell someone to make left/right traffic. Also when I landed you have a very late exit runway command. I was already on the taxiway by the time you said to exit runway. Other than those everything else was good.

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Oh ok
Thank you bro
For the late exit instruction
I think it was because I didn’t remember you saying fullstop that’s why

This is a section from the ATC Manual:

6.4 Cleared for the Option / Exit Runway / Go Around
6.4.1 If an aircraft is in the pattern ‘Cleared for the Option’ must be used as it gives the pilot the option for landing, doing a touch & go / stop & go or a low approach.
6.4.2 If the aircraft has already been instructed to make left/right traffic from the initial take-off clearance or the previous landing clearance, then the use of ‘make left/right traffic’ is no longer required to be used as it is assumed the pilot will continue with this pattern unless told otherwise. If the pilot is given a new pattern entry or new runway, when clearing for the option, you must tell the pilot whether to make left/right traffic.

Which I never did call inbound full stop since I was already inbound for the option. If I would have called again it would have been a duplicate call and was not needed

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Oh yeah
Sorry bro
I remember now about the rules of option

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I’ll tell you guys when I’m controlling again

Thank you guys for coming again 😄😎
And @Asher for joining surprisingly lol
Really appreciated the session and the feedback.

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Hey guys
Just finished training
It wasn’t bad
But imma open again soon at KFLL
If anyone wants to join
Your welcome to join😄

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Open at KSAN now
Ground and Tower

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Ok I will come

@Jaylan_Brown still want KSAN

I’m there lol

  • don’t clear me to land right after my wheels leave the ground. Give me pattern instructions like enter right downwind then base and say clear to land so I can turn base and continue final.

  • rest all is good!

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