Jay Jay the Jet Plane @ SKBO - 011430ZAPR20

  • Aircraft and Livery: Lockheed Martin F-22

  • Route: SKBO - SCEL 2285nm direct (Whatever route gets you to the SCEL first. You can go direct or plan a route utilizing winds. Whatever you choose!! )

  • Time of Departure: 2020-03-29T14:30:00Z2020-03-29T16:00:00Z

  • Estimated Time Enroute: Should be about 1 ½ hrs give or take. (flying 1900kts + fuel stops = about that 1 ½ hr mark)
  • Server: CASUAL

  • Additional Information:

Depart 30mins after the hour.

To win the race and a couple general rules:

  • To win the race, you must land on any runway at the airport. Definition of land = not crash.

  • Tires must come to a complete stop on the runway.

  • Will utilize LiveFlightApp to verify the first one to land with a full bread crumbs trail from LAX to JFK

  • Stop at whatever airports you need to stop at for fuel.

  • Aerial Refueling? Maybe if you have some nice friends, have them put a KC10 in the air for you. Feel free to aerial refuel!

  • Prizes? Bragging rights! Get to rub it in everyones face. 🤪 Its just for fun.

See ya’ there! 🚀


Wacky Race? Definitely coming.
Hotel? Trivago.


Uh, isn’t it at the bottom of the hour?

I’m at classes, so good luck everyone!

Nope. Not a wacky race. That’s Misha’s thing. 😁

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@tomthetank remember to hit that little “gear” button this time


Anyone wants refueling service?

Sisters Fuel Team is in the air along the route ready to go. Come get some, FL390.


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You’re a comedian.

It says March the 30th for me and this was posted a 20 minutes ago. Wait what?

What does this mean anyway?

You depart 30 mins after the hour? 1430z

In 3 minutes we’ll be 30mins into the new hour. We’ll be departing in 3 minutes

Alright I just found out and all ready to go

Anyone wants fuel?

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Nah I’m too competitive

Thanks anyways

tanker available, direct SCEL FL360 Callsign Sundown, first come first serve lets go


I’ll message you when I need you

Crap. I flipped into Lunar orbit.


How did you do that?