Javier_Blancas's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

First of all I’m gonna go ahead and start with please choose a different airport. The terrain was absolutely horrendous for me. 😅

I was JY-ARB. Here a couple of things that I found incorrect.

  • The clearances were a little late but that’s fine. You can clear someone for landing/Option early in the downwind state.

  • Throughout all the passes, you gave me a clearance and a path. You don’t need to because you already gave it to me when clearing me for takeoff. The only time you should really use it if somebody was in the air and was entering your pattern or in a runway change. So basically “JY-ARB, Number one, cleared for the option, runway 28.”

  • The last thing was unnecessary clearance during my last run. When somebody gives you their position, for example, “JY-ARB, is on final runway 28.” You already cleared me for the option. Clearing for the option means landing, touch-and-goes, or full-stop.

  • You had a good sequencing.

  • I do encourage you to use an airport with two runways that are parallel so you can also practice runway changes.

I hope this helps you and I’m really looking forward for you to joining the IFATC!

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Yeah it is quite a tricky place to fly into but I love this spot - but noted for sure! :)

Cool, so then if anything all I would have to do is issue a sequencing instruction if there were more than 1 of you. And I would only issue a traffic direction after each clearance if I wanted people to change pattern entry?

Thank you both for stopping by!

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Switched over to a more pilot friendly airport in SBBR! Come on by!

ATIS: SBBR 012200Z 34007KT 290V040 9999 VCSH BKN010 BKN020 FEW030TCU BKN100 20/19 Q1015

NOTAM: Had to run off for family obligations, I am now closed for the day! Thanks everyone.

Hello Javier!

It’s amazing to hear that you wish to pursue IFATC as your next step in your Infinite Flight experience! Feel free to tag me anytime you open and I will do my best to attend 🙂

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Hello all, am now open at KRNO ! I hope @ButterAllDay @CompetitiveDivide320 @Rocky_Black @Michael_Sides1 @Destroyer350 and anyone else can stop by for some flying in the Sierras!

ATIS: KRNO 041955Z COR 03007KT 10SM SCT055 BKN110 BKN160 09/M01 A3018 RMK AO2 SLP205 MTN TOPS OBSCD SW THRU W SH VC W T00941006

Hello all, am now open at KDAL ! I hope @ButterAllDay @CompetitiveDivide320 @Rocky_Black @Michael_Sides1 @Destroyer350 and anyone else can stop by!

ATIS: KDAL 210153Z 01008KT 320V030 10SM SCT120 SCT180 M01/M15 A3049 RMK AO2 SLP330 T10111150


I’ll stop by for a pattern or two!

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Hello Javier! Everything was great here, I am very impressed! Great job. I can’t wait to see you here in IFATC soon!

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Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it - glad I was able to provide good service!


KDAL is now closed! A big thanks to everyone who stopped by and left feedback, it is very much appreciated. Hope to see you all next time!

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