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Umm what does this mean, this guy took off and is now going back and forth between the runway

What server is this? That’s probably just their display name.


I don’t think it’s their display name because the aircraft is on the ground with no gear going off the runway then glitching back onto the runway. Over and over


Hmm, maybe he just has bad connection.

Maybe but it hasn’t stopped for a while

An error404 message is usually due to a web browser not being able to communicate with a website’s server properly. It’s most likely just the user’s display name.


…Honestly I don’t know why it wouldn’t be his/her display name.

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But they are glitching. I will try to send a video

If I’m being honest, it’s a person who has that as their username and is glitching out. It’s pretty simple…

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Here is some pics

They start here

And end here

If you spawn in at KSFO you might be able to see them at the end of runway 10R

Is this occuring right now?

I can say the same for every racist, offensive, and utterly ridiculous display name and callsign that I’ve seen. People are crazy sometimes, and they lose their head and do the things that they do. In this scenario, it may be someone’s display name. It’s not like I haven’t seen a similar callsign or display name. That’s just their display name. Not much we can do about it. Besides, it’s a trivial matter. Let him be.


Yes it hasn’t stopped since I started my session

Then get out of the airspace and forget about it. Little thing, doesn’t matter. Yada yada, problem solved.


I was just wondering. It isn’t a problem. I am doing ATC

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I believe it’s their display name. What the aircraft is doing, however, is unrelated. I saw someone do this at LIRF last week. They came in to land like it was being remote controlled - landed at 240 knots with no gear or anything.

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Ah, no worries. Had it happen to me in Seattle when it was featured two weeks ago. It’s really annoying and bothersome, but you just have to work around it. Don’t let the little things get in the way.

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Yea I just wanted to know if it was a real problem but since I know it isn’t, I can forget about him/her

They disappeared. All good now