JATO-3CH at Mc Chord!

A little military operation that I run solely is JATO. (No, not that JATO.)

The Joint American Technical Operations (JATO) focuses on Technical military operations in the US and worldwide. It’s role with the AC-130 is to provide aid to military reconnaissance missions to squadrons with Technical support. Occasionally, this aircraft is escorted with help from local squadrons however, because GAF has their hands full today, none was provided!

At Mc Chord AFB, IFAEGAF members prepare to lineup runway 16 for an epic runway photo shoot with their C-17s as JATO-3CH quickly starts it’s takeoff roll just in time, heading back to KLOT for the night. A huge shoutout to GAF members for the great work today on the Expert server!

Photo time 2:00PM CST and edited with Lightroom.


What are the two planes in the background

C-17 globemaster

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Ok thanks!!

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How come I can’t find that plane inside IF?

You need to have ‘show legacy airplanes’ turned on in the aircraft selection page.