JAT Airways (Jugoslovenski Aerotransport) McDonell Douglas DC-10

JAT Airways McDonell DC-10


My opinions on this and why I think it should be added

I’m from the balkans (as most of you know), and I feel that there is a lack of balkan airlines in IF! JAT used to be one of the biggest airlines in the world until it faced bankruptcy and was renamed as AirSERBIA. JAT’s deep history makes us realize on how big aviation in Yugoslavia was. Just this morning, I was in the Belgrade Aviation museum and was amazed by this livery and how well it fits on numerous aircraft. I hope that this can be added as one of the ex-world leading airlines, and the fact that there are currently no JAT liveries in the game.

If you’re interested in JAT airways and the aeronautical history of Ex-Yugoslavia, make sure to check these links!

About the dangerous DC-10

Please do think of casting your vote, to make this feature request come true! Every vote counts.

Very nice topic and this livery does fit nicely on the DC-10

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Thank you! Yes, its a beauty :)

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Oh congrats on regular

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I’ll give ya a vote.

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Have my vote! Its a shame we didnt get this when the Dc 10 was added

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“Dangerous” DC-10?

Thanks a lot!

@Altaria55 yes, dangerous DC-10. What’s the problem?

Let’s give this bird and amazing livery some love!
Make sure to vote y’all!

That’s a good livery!

I can’t imagine how many time autocorrect tried to change the title 🤣

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Turned the spelling keyboard to Serbian so I had no problems 😉

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What exactly makes it “dangerous”?

Well, its reputation and poor safety record. Anyways, let’s continue via PM if you must since this wasn’t the purpose of the topic.

The A320 has crashed more than the DC-10 lololol

Correct, however think about the total number of A320’s built compared to the DC-10.
There was a total of 122 DC-10’s built with 55 accidents, compared to 7700+ A320 family built consisting of 119 accidents.

The DC-10 had at least 63% more accidents than the A320.

There’s some actual facts for you. I recommend actually doing some research with logical arguments before clogging my thread.

Now can we please return to the topic?

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Who would like to see the beautiful JAT livery on the DC-10 in IF?

Do you like the JAT livery in the DC-10?

  • Yes, it’s great!
  • Meh, it’s alright
  • No, I don’t like it

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this needs more votes 🙃

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Being from Serbia I’d gladly vote!


It’s voted, as French~Serbian, Ex-Yugo was one of the best country !

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Source: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 - JAT - Yugoslav Airlines | Aviation Photo #6127811 | Airliners.net

I’ve also voted! Definitely support it as being a Serbian and the big ex- Yugoslavia, would love to see it🤩

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