Jason102’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

This is my ATC tracking thread all feed back is welcome

Airport will be: LFBO

Server: Training


Date and time: 6/20/20


Hello, are you still here?

No i will be there tomorrow I figured id put it up today so I don’t forget

Okay, if you’re not open then you have write it as closed(:

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Sorry about that

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No problem(:

I sent you a pm on slack as well

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LFBO is now open

Why not 3’000ft as it will fulfil the IFR separation?

I thought i removed that lol my bad yes transition will be 3000

Ok no problem. Technically 2500 can be allowed, as per the MVFR (Minimum VFR separation rules) which states you need to be 500ft away from any obstacle. For more info you can go to the 3.3 on the ATC Manual.

Although, for more safety, I would choose 3,000 as it maintains the 1’000 ft vertical separation on IFR Rules

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I totally agree with you

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KFAT open on training server swing by

Welcome to the IFATC team Jason!