Jason_Kitchen’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

EGNM (Leeds Bradford Airport) TWR 120.300 will be open from 0500Z

This is perfect!

I’m heading to bed right now, so have fun!

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@Jason_Kitchen might be a good time to update the username in the title. Good luck controlling and most of all have fun. Maybe I’ll stop in for some circuits one day :)

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That I forgot 😂 Thanks

EGCC Ground and Tower now open for buusiness ;)

Would you like Approach on?

Was gonna switch to EGNM ground and Tower cos for once theres an inbound channex lol

Okay no worries I’ll control these two approaches

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Are you still open?

Was you Channex 434?

No, I didn’t attend.

I had one person inbound, thought it could’ve been someone on here lol my mistake, I was just seeing how the traffic flow was like at the time.

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