Jason_James' ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Looking for people to observe and give me pointers. Eventually looking to complete the exams so I can control on expert and e a part of the team. Will update thread with locations. Often EGKK and EHAM. Be aware I will unlikely monitor this thread whilst I’m controlling so as to not minimise IF.

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EGKK now open for business (G&T)

I’ll be there in 2 minutes, DLH838 heavy
Feedback via PM or here?

Pm is fine if you’re being brutal :D

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I send you my Feedback in a PM🙂

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After your advice, had a great session, numbers really picked up as well.

Open - egcc tower/grd, please feedback :)

I’m Ryanair 764,don’t goast me if I do a barrel roll and crash.

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Hah, I can’t ghost! Only one person wouldn’t follow instruction, not a bad day. And one person landed on wrong runway but it wasn’t too busy so I’ll let him off! I prefer people landing 23R so that you don’t have to back taxi. I presume it’s done like that IRL but I’ve only been Manchester once.

EGKK Open for business 1-2 hours

EGKK open for business once more, tower and ground! 2 or so hours

Was bout to do EGKK 😂
Will try to come along, IAV201CS

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Ksfo ground n tower now open!


Was a good run out, a few people doing patterns and one stubborn individual who didn’t want to go to the runway he was told soon found he was queueing for quite a while due to incoming a/c. But overall a good morning.

London Gatwick open! Enjoy some patterns.
Need to shut early, apologies.

That was good fun at EHAM! Had a great arrival/departure service which certainly made my life easier, thanks @FALKOMV for that! (hopefully I tagged the correct person) I always enjoy Schiphol, the different angles and intersecting runways always make it a little more work. I hope you enjoyed your time if you passed through!

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Hello jason yeah it was and you’re welcome it was awesome

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Now open for approx 2hrs, RJTT. Come join the fun at Haneda!

Coming for touch and goes!

whoever is jfa9999, you’re about to crash into me

Second fav airport
Argh,don’t want to show my Grade2 instead of 5