JAR's Radar Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Howdy ya’ll, welcome to my radar tracking thread! I’m JAR(Juliet Alpha Romeo), currently an IFATC specialist who has just begun the process of becoming an Officer! I’m using this thread to post when I will be open on the training server. I will keep this updated as to what approaches ya’ll can fly to help me with my training. I would really appreciate ya’ll coming out! Either spawn in at the airport and do some radar patterns, or fly in from a nearby airport and request an approach (and maybe fly some patterns if you’re feelin’ spicy)!

Approaches I can currently service:

  • ILS
  • Visual
  • GPS
  • Radar Vectors

Please provide any and all feedback you may have!

In specific, Please report any of the following:

  • Terrain busts of less than 1000’ AGL
  • Separation busts of less than 3nm laterally or 1000’ vertically with another aircraft
  • Missed ILS intercept, or a G/S intercept before or at the same time as the LOC intercept
  • Any issues with efficiency

Please follow all instructions given, and provide as much feedback as possible! This will help me improve much faster outside of training.

Airport Information

Airport: PHOG

Approaches: Any (ILS, GPS, Visual, RV)
Runways: 02
Status: CLOSED
Frequency: 120.20

ATC tracking thread approved by: @nicopizarro


Please tag next!

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Awesome will do, thanks so much!

LPPT (Lisboa Humberto) Approach is now open!

@nicopizarro @BAK_UOV

Coming! I will only do two patterns.


Sweet, thanks so much!

No major issues! Good Job! Keep Working Hard!

Do tag me next time! I will attend as soon as I can!

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Awesome, will do! Thanks so much for coming! :D

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LPPT Approach is now closed

Thanks for coming @Lion_50 @Renan! :D


Feel free to tag me as well in your next sessions, I’ll do my best to join!

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Amazing, I appreciate it!

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NZAA Approach is now open

@nicopizarro @BAK_UOV @Renan @Lion_50

NZAA Approach now closed!

Thanks for coming @Andres!

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Feedback were delivered on your Discord, nice session, keep it up!

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Feel free to tag me or pm me on Discord. :)

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Awesome, thank you!! :D

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Hey< @JAR! Tag me the next time you open, please! :)

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Sweet, will do! I appreciate it! :D

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Yeah, I gotchu! :)

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PHOG Approach is now open!

Come enjoy the islands of Hawaii!!
@nicopizarro @BAK_UOV @Renan @Lion_50 @Andres @SierraHotel @Andy_R