JarrettFlies's ATC Tracking Thread - Thank You!

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jarrett Schiedemeyer and I will be training to be an IFATC member.

Feedback whether it be negative or positive is encouraged.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great rest of your day!
-Jarrett S


I have just opened at LIPZ.

Runways 4L and 4R are in use.

If you stop by please leave some feedback. Thanks! :)


I can come by for 1-2 Patterns.

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Thank you very much!

Here´s my Feedback:

  • Nice catch with me entering the runway. Shows that you are aware!
  • Nice use of “Extend Downwind for Y-OSHI”
  • The Speed command for “Y-OSHI” wasn´t needed.
  • Nice Runway exit command and runway change!

Nice job!

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Thanks! I was a bit worried that Y-OSHI would run into you, but after I sent the command I understood what that I shouldn’t of sent it.

Thank you for stopping by!


I can come by!

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I will come C: be there in a sec N930FD TBM

Founder | Blake USA ATC

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Sweet! I look forward to it!

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Well I keep falling through the ground and just got ghosted
wait no im good im back ima try and not fall this time

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I was wondering what was happening. Sorry to hear that!

I see the issue persists. Try clearing your scenery cache.

yep it still is im going to try another plane

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So Sorry for that last-minute go-around I should have called it earlier!

I’m curious, how do you think you did?

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I was the Citation and there were some minor things that I noticed.

  1. People were annouceing there position in the patter IE Final thats when you uitilize the “your aready cleared to land”
  2. The late go around I was aready at minimums and was about 50 feet from the ground (I crashed :C)

Over All Good Job and you will learn by making mistakes

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same @DS2001

No need for the “you are already cleared to land” if the are cleared for the option. Then it is just a way of telling hey I am going to fully stop, I need some space behind me.

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I personally know of a ton of mistakes I made. That was a really bad session, but I think I took a lot away from it.

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Exactly what I thought! No! You did great!
A few minor points:

  • You don’t need to wait for a plane to be on downwind to give it a clearance.

  • The runway exits where perfectly fine, just keep in mind that cleared for the option means that the plane is cleared for a Touch and go, a low pass, a landing, or a full stop and TO again. And since we in IF can’t let you know our intention it is perfectly fine to use the exit command when someone is rolling. You simply can’t know:)

  • Lastly, we were both on left downwind, really close to eachother. The moment you told me to enter the pattern I was going to descent to pattern altitude, but there was a plane under me. I think you did fine with saying to me I am nr2, but try to do it in one message and not in two messages. (You first entered me, them gave me a sequence.) I think you already know that, but you weren’t sure what to do. Alternatively you could have let one of us make a 360, but that is something tower basically never uses.

Good points!

  • good transition
  • good runway change
  • good sequence
  • good utilization of “I’ll call you base”
  • good utilization of “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead”
  • good utilization of “go-around”

Conclusion I made it really hard for you, everything was worst case scenario but you solved it great!