Japan's New 787 Olympic Torch Livery Revealed

Hope Lights Our Way

Japan’s new Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch livery has been revealed.

The rendering for this livery was released back in October 2019. Just today, the aircraft took flight wearing the new livery for the first time.

This aircraft is a Boeing 787-8 operated by Japan Airlines with the registration JA837J. Just today, it was ferried from Tokyo Narita to Tokyo Haneda.

This livery is honestly one of my favorites because of how symbolic it is.

Both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have their logos represented on the aircraft, which shows the two competitors partnering together for this major event.

The livery features a runner with the torch at the front of the fuselage and red strokes representing the Olympic flame.

The livery has the words “Hope Lights Our Way” which is something very significant during this worldwide crisis.

All images from @hamutaro2016 on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this special livery?


I hope coronavirus doesn’t ruin it, the Tokyo olympics already got hit hard with other problems


Japan isn’t ging to let the coronavirus run them over that easily. They will continie fighting until COVID-19 is gone. I love the livery, and how ANA and JAL both contributed to partner together for the olympics. The best things don’t happen when we are competing against each other, they happen when we work together. 💙❤️


Too bad I dont think the Olympics will happen


Looks interesting, but certainly not my favourite nor the best. If I’m being honest I don’t think the olympics will even happen. Such a shame.

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Hope lights our way.

I wonder if I an make a feature request for this…

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This looks very nice!

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Really nice livery! Now we just have to see what will happen to the Olympics …

Since both ANA and JAL are on that plane, which airline will use that aircraft for revenue flights?


Looks amazing! Hopefully they’ll fly it to San Francisco when they begin their Narita flights!


JAL I believe, because it’s their plane

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The aircraft is still a JAL registered 787, so they would make profit for any flight made with that specific plane. In short, they are simply showing that both airlines are partnering together for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 :)

No one knows at this point, it will hopefully be clearer in the coming weeks how the situation changes worldwide, and how Japan and nearby Asian nations tackle the virus. As of now, from what I have read, Japan and the Olympics committee are of course discussing this matter, but they have talked about that if they proceed on to holding the event which they would like to do, then do it, most likely without spectators, public, no crowds basically to eliminate the possibility of any further spreading of the virus but as the livery for this aircraft says;

We don’t know what the future has in store, so in short, let’s Hope, Wish and Pray that the coming days ahead of us, becomes just a little bit brighter and that we are able to overcome this time in life. There’s only one way to have this event take off, and that’s by fighting our way forward and “hopefully” the Olympics won’t ave to be postponed, or be held without anyone to watch from the spot, may things get better soon ❤

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huh. interesting. I also hope that the corona-virus doesn’t effect the Olympics!

@iJazzyman, Olympics 2020 preparations for our airlines is to begin! I hope the virus doesn’t postpone stuff.


Very well said. This is true in so many ways.

The livery is simple, yet evokes a symbolic message about the Olympics. The design is beautiful as well despite the minor simplicity.

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I so hope that the Olympics happen, about the livery, it’s so so. 🤷‍♂️

ohhh thats a pretty livery

Oh, pretty not as much color as some other special liveries. Hope the 2020 olympics aren’t cancel due to COVID-19

I don’t like it. To much red and gold I know Japan’s flag is red but the the Olympic colors are yellow, blue,red,black and green it would have been nice if they put all colors but it’s still a decent livery

Do it

One article said it’ll be used by both airlines, but I haven’t heard anything else on that so I guess we can assume it’ll be operated solely by JAL.

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