Japanese Pilot found intoxicated at London Heathrow

On October 28th, the first officer on flight JL44 bound for Tokyo Haneda from London Heathrow was found approximately 10 times over the alcohol limit. This is obviously extremely dangerous towards the safety of the flight, as a drunk pilot can not think straight and make sensible decisions. The pilot, 44 year old Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, even admitted to doing a lot of drinking the night before. He was found with 189mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, which towers over the limit of 20mg. He was caught on the crew bus when the driver smelt alcohol, and called the police. He was set to fly the 777W in about 50 minutes, and the flight eventually took off with 2 pilots more than an hour later. Japan Airlines apologizes for the incident, stating that “safety is our utmost priority”, and will “implement immediate actions to prevent any future incident”.

Unfortunately, drunk pilots are nothing new to aviation. On January 2018, a British Airways pilot was found drunk while in the cockpit before his flight to Mauritius from London Gatwick, he was later sentenced to 8 months in jail. And on July 18th, 2016, 2 Air Transat pilots were allegedly found drunk before a flight from Glasgow to Toronto, but charges have been dropped since.

JA733J, the same aircraft the first officer was intended to fly that day

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JAL 777-300(ER) (JET-KEI Kei Nishikori) JA733J | JAL 777-346… | Flickr

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Japan Airlines pilot admits being drunk at London Heathrow airport | CNN


Really sad to see how pilots can be so wreckless before a flight, possibly if he didn’t get by security without getting caught, causing an accident and endangering the lives onboard, goodjob for the employees that caught him before he did any damage.


This is not seriously okay or acceptable at all. They need to ban all alcohol drink.


That may be a little bit extreme, as alcohol in moderation is typically not too bad. However there should definitely be measures taken to prevent drinking on/before the job.


Pilots are the guys who keep us safe!

This isnt acceptable. Driving its bad with 2 or 3 ppl in the car. Or 18 in a minibus but a 400 person plane.

Cmon man.


I have zero respect for pilots like this. Zero.


What makes you think. I am going to fly drunk. He needs his liscense revoking.


Whst would of happened is my thought?!?

Are there other pilots who get away with it?

How do we ensure it dosen’t happen again?

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I presume there are, it’s a scary thought…


Very Scary!

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Good thing they found out before it was too late.

Being intoxicated can be hazardous when driving or in this case flying. It’s not only deadly for yourself as you are not 100% to your senses but also everyone else in the plane, car, train, bus, you name it, whatever you are driving. And also those outside of your vehicle as well are at a all time danger.


From what I see it’s obvious when someone has had too much to drink so it’s up to the other crew to alert the authorities. As with the British Airways flight the other pilot called the police discreetly. It’s not any airlines fault it’s the fact that there is nothing in place like testing before the flights so as of now the crew have to attempt to look out for the passengers.


Can we get an American version of this? Idk how to translate that into Standard


No, but we need testing. Other option, we wait till there is a serious accident then maybe people will notice and take action but we dont want that although i am sure thats what will happen.

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Basically he is hammered and is almost made out of alcohol at this point.


0.189 gram of alcohol per 0.1 liter, which towers over the limit of 0.020 gram.

A easy google search converting mg per ml to your volume will give you the answer you’re looking for.

Other than that, The pilot is too drunk to fly.

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No, it doesn’t. I’m looking for Blood Alcohol Content…

Drink flying.


Literally the same thing as before