Japanese A359 Evening Flight (RJTT-ROAH)

Wednesday evening flight from Tokyo Haneda (RJTT/HND) to Naha (ROAH/OKA)
Flight details:
-Server: Expert
-Aircraft: Airbus A350-941xwb
-Airline: Japan Airlines
-Callsign: Japan Air 919
-Flight time: 2h05min
-Timing (Tokyo time): 1830h to 2100h (Approx)
-Climb speed: 250 knots below 10000ft, 320 knots below 28000, M0.85 28000-40000
-Vertical speed (Climb): 3200ft/min below 10000ft, 2400-2800ft/min till cruise altitude
-Cruise speed: M0.85 (460knots-480knots ground speed)

First Officer’s View Flying over the sea

The A350 is such a majestic bird, and a fast one too! Cruising at 40000 feet I was above any wind currents or weather systems there was at the moment

Underbelly shot of the A350 cruising at FL400

Cruising over the sea, what a breathtaking view!

View of some offshore Japanese island off the left wing of the Japan Airlines A350XWB

Same view, different colours, compare this shot with the next shot!

Overhead shot using the scenic camera view

Sunset over the sea in the A350, beautiful!

Landed in Naha Airport (ROAH/OKA), in the twilight. Love this view so much, and i thoroughly enjoyed this flight!

Thank you for joining me on this short upload today, it took me quite a bit of effort to export the photos as there were some technical errors, so i hope you enjoy them!

On a side note, I was unable to upload a video of my landing as I was unable to import the video as it supposedly isn’t a .Jpeg file, anyone knows how to deal with this?

Thank you so much for viewing this post. Cheers!


A350+sunset approach=A great flight

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Awesome pictures! Btw I don’t know how to deal with the .Jpeg files.

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Nice photos. Great flight as well

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Awesome pics my man !

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Thank you!

was a fantastic flight!

Nice pics.

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