Japan Virtual Airlines | From Japan to you | Official 2022 Thread

Hello, thank you for reaching out, this could be do to you not meeting our requirements, which are shown on our thread. However if you feel that you have now met our requirements, and would still like to join, you can reapply if its been over a week since you last applied.

~ EAviation, CEO

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I filled out the form but no response

Hello, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately we do have a shortage of staff at the moment, so things like these might take a little longer until we get the situation resolved.

~ EAviation, CEO

This explains why my application has not been replied after 2 weeks, don’t worry, I’ll give you some time then as you have to deal with things that have priority.

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Hey everyone

I just wanted to make a quick announcement that we are going through many changes within the VA, and accepting new recruits will be paused. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

– EAviation, CEO


I understand you are going thru changes right now, I am not asking for you to accept me right now, but I just want to check to see if you got my application? Thanks, Can’t wait!!

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Might want to update that.

Is this va still active? I applied around a month or so ago, no response.

Hello Aiden,

Please refer to this message who explain the situation.

Hope that helps.

I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with the VA itself, but 海軍(kaigun) means Navy, as in the military branch, like in United States Navy. You’re advertising your VA like you have a passenger branch and a separate Navy branch lol. A more appropriate translation would be 機材 (kizai), which means aircraft, or 運行機材 (unkou kizai), meaning operated aircraft.


Any news on when applicants can join.

Hello @Aiden_Hodges,

The entire VA is currently busy with things like state exams and things regarding that matter. For now, just remain patient as the VA is also undergoing a huge revamp in operations. Thank you.

JVAL Event Manager,


Let’s keep this open

Japan Virtual was released after the 23.1 activity check-in and was marked inactive from the administration team. You can find more information under Latest IFVARB News

Oh sorry about that

There is nothing to be sorry 😃

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VA no longer operating