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From the mountains of Hokkaidō to the beaches of Okinawa, we can take you to your destination

Here at JALVA, we strive for the best possible experience for our pilots. Our extensive fleet provides an flight hour-based rank system, setting up a structure for you to build your way up to longer flights, and more aircraft. Please join us in our adventure throughout Japan and gain a virtual experience like no other.

We were founded in late 2021 by our CEO EAviation, who eventually got the help of 9 other staff members. We are also just only one of two Virtual Airlines serving Japan. “I was so glad to see that I was able to create one of my favorite airlines, at first it started as just a thought, but escalated until I was determined to get together a staff board and begin work on the Virtual Airline, now that were finally here, we can finally share our dream with you.” - EAviation - Chief Executive Officer

Livery Fleet Generic Fleet
CRJ-200 DHC8-Q400
737-800 E170
777-200ER E190
787-9 767-300
A350-900 777-300ER
MD-11 787-8

Staff Members
Chief Executive Officer - @EAviation
Chief Operating Officer - @Neel_306
Head of Public Relations - @Sueno43
Human Resources Manager - @InfiniteflightproYT
Chief Recruiter - @Levi_Park
Chief Pilot - @Ryan_boi
Route Manager - @LuminousNate
Event Manager - @LongHaulGuy

Rank system:

1-20 - Cadet
Available fleet: DHC8-Q400, Embraer 170, Embraer 190

20-40 Second Officer
Available fleet: 737-800 and previous
Codeshares: 1 of your choice

40-100 First Officer
Available fleet: 767-300, 777-200ER, 777-300ER and previous
Codeshares: 1 more of your choice

100-200 - Captain
Available fleet: 787-8, 787-9, A350-900 and previous
Codeshares: 2 more of your choice

200-400 - Senior Captain
Available fleet: MD-11, 747-200 and previous
Codeshares: All unlocked



JALVA Bronze Award

JALVA Silver Award

JALVA Platinum Award

JALVA Codeshares

| Aircalin | Dubai Virtual Group | Saudi Virtual | Aeromexico Virtual | Avianca Virtual |

Requirements to join

You must be a minimum of 13 years old to join

You must be a minimum of Grade 3 on Infinite Flight

You must have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription

You must have access to Discord

You must have an IFC Account in good standing

You must log at least 1 flight a month

Please visit our website to apply


Thanks for the banner art @skye

We are not affiliated with the real Japan Airlines, you can visit there website here.


Very nice thread and congratulations for your approval!

President of Avianca Virtual


My pleasure!

Amazing thread!

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Very excited to be apart of this awesome VA!

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Amazing thread, and we are happy to be codeshare partners with you!

Aeromexico Virtual


We love to see it! Looking forward to flying with you all soon!


Very happy to be part of this VA :)

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Congratulations on the approval, you deserve the approval. Wonderful thread!


Thank you so much, were very excited
~ EAviation, CEO


Glad to be apart of it! Nice thread


Proud to be staff at this wonderful VA!


Glad to be part of JLVA!!


Feels amazing to be staff at this VA can’t wait for all these cool routes!


So exited to have a codeshare with you guys! Congrats in approval!

PS, its spelt Aicalin 😉

  • Ben | CEO | Aircalin Virtual

Amazing thread! ❤️

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Update 1

So, here at JALVA, We have had a few updates and we wanted to share them with you, here they are

New Codeshares

  • Avianca Virtual

  • Aeromexico Virtual

Opening Event

To start our Virtual Airline, we decided to host an Opening Event, which can be accessed via the link below. All of the needed time and information about the event will also be in the link. Feel free to join if you have the chance.

Weekly Events

For the next few weeks, we will be hosting 1 internal event a week, eventually changing to 2 internal events a week, when school ends for most people. Please note that this is an internal event, meaning it is only accessible to those within the VA.

~ EAviation, CEO