Japan is kool

Yesterday I got bored so I decided to fly a flight from Tokyo to Okinawa Japan. Little did I know, this flight would be one of the most scenic flights I have ever flown. Here are some pics from this trip!

Flight details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A321-200
Airline: ANA
Route: RJTT - ROAH
Flight time: 3 hours

Rotation out of Tokyo

Flying over Mount Fuji

Along the coast of mainland Japan

On the approach into Naha

Landing in Okinawa

Slowing down after touchdown

This flight was super fun, and really opened my eyes to how amazing the Japanese scenery is in Infinite Flight. I hope you all consider flying this route in the future, and as always have a great rest of your day!

Which one was your favorite?

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Yeah very kool fotos you got dere

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Thanks! I agree :D

i like the idea and the scenery

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