Japan Arrival

Ladies and gentleman, Welcome to Boston!

Japan Airlines Flight 8 has just set its rear wheels on the pavement of US soil after a long 9 1/2 Hours flight from Narita in Japan.

Time 6:42PM CST (US)

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Very nice! Seems like a fun flight. 🤗

How was it only 9 1/2 hours? Narita- Tokyo to Boston is closer to 14 hours. by the way nice picture.


I loved this one, good job

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The photo is stunning, I really like the shot but at Tyler touched upon it, NRT-BOS is not 9 1/2 hrs but 12hrs…

Just curious, have u taken this flight in real life?

Y does that CRJ in the background look like a ERJ 145???
any why nice pic

I love how the is a mixture of aircraft!!

Great shot keep it up!