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Welcome To Japan Airlines VA!
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A Taste Of Japanese Luxury!
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This the Official Thread For Japan Airlines VA!

Here at JAL VA, we have made a VA that no other VA has done before! We have stepped up a level here at JAL! Some things are:

  • Merch (Pens,Lanyards,Flight Log Book, and More!)

  • Merch Giveway

  • Flight Bidding

  • Integration With SimBrief (Coming Soon)

  • Lounges For High Rank Pilots

Fleet For JAL VA
Here at JAL VA, we have a variety of aircrafts that we fly!






We are excited to announce are staff team!
Are staff here at JAL is amazing and we want you to join are staff team as well!

Available Positions:
Route Manager

Please DM me to become a staff member!

Current Staff

CEO: @Samuel_Szeto


ACEO: @ORDspotter

Chief Pilot: @Kieron11

Route Manger: Rynjil

New Feature: Lounge Access
Here at JAL VA, we have made lounges for the top pilots that fly for a requirement of hours!
The two lounges are:

Sakura Lounge

Sakura Lounge Description

First Class Lounge

First Class Lounge Description

Are Routes Here At JAL VA!

*All are routes are real Japan Airlines Routes!

We have not finished all of the routes yet! We will very shortly!
We will send a post when we are fully finished with the routes!


Route Database

Are Ranks Here At JAL VA

Here is are pilots rank for are VA!

  • 0-5 (737-800)

  • 5-10 (737-800)

  • 10-25 (777-200ER,737-800)

  • 25-50 (777-200ER,787-9,737-800)

  • 50-100 (787-9,777-200ER,737-800)

  • 125+ (All Aircrafts)

*50 Hours a month to get into the Sakura Lounge
*Log 250 Hours a month to get into First Class Lounge!
All In Hours!

Website For JAL VA
Look at are website for more information about are VA!


Communication Tool At JAL VA

Here at JAL VA, we use Slack as are communication tool!

Application For JAL VA

Like are VA, Then Join Are VA!

Japan Airlines Virtual is a fictional airline. There are no real affiliation with the real Japan Airlines!


Congratulations JAL! Best wishes for you to have all the fun and grow high! Looking forward to those interesting things from the VA for the people of this community 🎉

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Very well put together thread! Best of luck with your VA!

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i would love to work as your route manager


Great! I will DM you Shortly!

What do you mean by ‘lounges for high rank pilots’?

If you click on the link, it should answer your question. I’m assuming it is a locked chat room.


It means by you getting benefits for flying a lot!

Check out are website for more information!

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There are more benefits including free JAL merchandise and more!

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Nice idea! I would join, but I’m in the process of creating a VA myself.

Oh, Okay! You can join for now! You only need to fly 25 hours a month to start getting JAL Merch!

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As the CEO of Cathay Pacific VA I would like to congratulate you on a successful launch. Your website and VA looks very professional! Well done!

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Thanks a lot! I would also like to congratulate on your launch as well!


For a Limited Time, we will be offering free upgrade ranks!

If you join within 24 Hours. then you will get 2 free rank upgrades! (You basically get to fly more aircrafts!)

If you join after 24 hours, but with 48 hours, then you will get 1 free rank upgrades!

CEO of Japan Airlines VA!


Will be fixed! Sorry!

You will now only have one free rank upgrade! you only have 24 Hours left to apply to get the special promotion!

What the hell? How you offer access to the lounges, giveaway merch? It should be expensive.

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Thanks for commenting on our lounges. It is fully funded by our Owner (Me). We are currently designing a system to generate revenue. It’s a thank you for loyalty. We would love to have you join the crew and experience our merch!


Great!! That you have a big sucessful.

Best of luck from Asiana Virtual!

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