Japan Airlines (Old Livery) Boeing 777-300ER


This is the old livery

What it looks so modern the new looks old haha

We’re the Reg. Numbers always on the right wing or…?

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They always have been on JAL aircraft.

Yea exactly. I don’t get it. Why switch to a minimalist livery when you could have just added the crane to this one?

Looks nice… but usually the developers don’t add old liverys :)

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If we had the 777-300 this could be a livery.

The difference is actually the wing.

The old is a red circle while the new is the bird (tsurumaru)

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I like the old livery better than the new livery! :)

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Don’t really like it very unnecessary Scince we got the 777200er no need really
(No offense )

Me to i hate the new is so plain

Exactly! :)