Japan Airlines (JA8582) MD-11 Livery "Arc of the Sun"

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I saw a check on the internet for Google information. About it Japan Airlines or JAL The label paint is a livery logo and also color the flag, too. JAL MD-11 (JA8582) also look at the winglets both full paint the flag JP, too. If you could like the picture livery “Arc of the Sun” scheme JP. Japan Airlines (10) series MD-11 1993 - 2004.

Credit Photo from kenzo ugawa.
Taken date: February 22, 2004 at Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT/RJAA).

JAL Airlines MD-11 (10) series:

JA8580 Named: Tufted Puffin. November 5, 1993 - September 10, 2002 transferred UPS (N272UP).
JA8581 Named: Fairy Pitta. December 8, 1993 - August 1, 2002 transferred to UPS (N271UP).
JA8582 Named: Red-Crowned Crane. April 5, 1994 - October 12, 2004 (stored) transferred to UPS (N279UP).
JA8583 Named: Golden Eagle. August 12, 2004 - January 10, 2003 transferred to UPS (N273UP).
JA9584 Named: Okinawa Rail. September 13, 1994 - May 22, 2003 transferred to UPS (N274UP).
JA8585 Named: Hodgson’s Hawk-Eagle. April 5, 1995 - June 18, 2002 transferred to UPS (N270UP).
JA8586 Named: White Stork. April 11, 1995 - August 1, 2005 transferred to UPS (N278UP).
JA8587 Named: Pryer’s Woodpecker. June 28, 1995 - November 2, 2004 transferred to UPS (N277UPS).
JA8588 Named: White-Tailed Eagle. April 3, 1996 - December 17, 2003 transferred to UPS (N276UP).
JA8589 Named: Rock Ptarmigan. March 3, 1997 - July 25, 2003 transferred to UPS (N275UP).

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This paint job is also very beautiful, and the MD-11 looks great in this paint job😁

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Thank you, my bro! Yes, my attraction that’s the picture one fleet MD-11 scheme that’s awesome!

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JAL Airlines MD-11 (JA8582).
Credit photo from GeDo Photography.
Date: February 24, 2004. At Zurich-Kloten Airport (LSZH/ZRH).

It’s so cool the picture when before takeoff rotate. I love the cold weather.