Japan Airlines DC-10 "Arc of the Sun" Livery

I think the livery really suites the DC-10. I like Japan airlines, though I have never personally flown them, even though they LITERALLY fly into Boston.

This would be a great addition in Infinite Flight if added :)

Information about this aircraft:
Type: DC-10-40
Construction #47825
Built in: Long Beach, CA
Line #310
Age (Before being scrapped): 33 years old
Registration: JA8524 (Later Registered as N825VV for Vivaldi Overseas)
Current Status: Scrapped
Airline: Japan Airlines JAL (Later sold to Vivaldi Overseas)
Engines: 3x Pratt & Whitney JT9D

Credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8566370

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This is my favorite livery of Japan Airlines. I wish they hadn’t changed it to the current one.
@Daniel_Cerritos you may want to vote for your own request :)

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Wow this plane just looks different then others, looks great!!!

It is cool to see such a modern looking livery on such an old bird. Really like this one.

Japan Airlines’ new and old livery looks great on any airplane. I would love to see this on the DC-10, however I’m out of votes D:

Beautiful livery! I would love to vote for this but sadly I ran out of votes.

I don’t understand that… they don’t fly to Boston.

I think that JAL livery is great, but with the other JAL livery confirmed, I don’t see the need for this.

I like this Japan Airlines livery WAY more than the current Japan Airlines livery! I hope this is added! :)

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