Japan Airlines Boeing 767 300ER

It would be great if Infinite flight could have the 767-300 JAL to fly around Japan, not just i have wanted this other people too. The aircraft is currently used for domestic flights.
The 767-300 aircraft is 6.4 meters longer than the 767-200

Length 54.9m

Wingspan 47.6m

Height 16.0m

Engine thrust 21.8t x 2

Standard seating capacity 261

Cruising speed 862km/h

Maximum take-off weight 133.8t

Range 3,150km

I really think the devs should add the 767-300 JAL, I really would like to fly it in global, I don’t want 777 and 787 to be the only JAL operator
Thank you
Credits to : Japan airlines

… is it really. for real

Hi there! Please remove one of the two pictures in order to comply with the Features guidelines.

Also, please give proper credit to the owner of the photo to avoid copyright issues.

Last but not least, if you really wish to see this livery in Infinite Flight one day, you should vote for your request.

Thanks for your understanding! :)

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Ok. phew I thought you were right

I was thinking of Qantas.

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Yes sir I have done it. now I know i wont do it again, sorry

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This is absolutely needed! It is almost certain you will see one at every single Japanese airport.

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Um this is the 767-300ER The non ER Version has 0 overwing exits, and 8 normal exits

With the MD 11, It won’t be only two JAL plane liveries!

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Oh yea that’s cool md 11

Remember to vote for your own features request! I feel obliged to mention I’m the only person who has voted for this livery as of yet.

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The 737-800 or 737-900 has the JAL (Express) livery which is basically identical in appearance

Japan Airlines and Ana and Vietnam ( winglet or no winglet), Eva Air has update soon. I hope so

JAL has no winglet
ANA doesn’t
and Vietnam doesn’t too

japan Airlines and Ana ( Winglet and no winglet)

vietnam airlines ( Old and new livery)

yeah some has and doesn’t idk why

i Hope so Infinite update livery more airlines, Vietnam and Eva Air didn’t use B767-300ER, but i like more livery for infinite flight, also Ana and Japan Airlines ( winglet and no winglet)

I really would like this aircraft to be in IF because we can do long haul flights to HNL from Japan with this aircraft like in real life!


Behind Delta and United, Japan Airlines is by far still the largest operator of this aircraft.

Serving several Domestic and international Routes, this Aircraft is a staple of the JAL fleet.

It’s a bit odd to request a livery for an aircraft approaching end of life, but this will still remain a main workhorse of the Japanese fleet for years to come.