Japan Airlines A350-1000

Hello people! So for some who may not know, Japan Airlines has ordered a total of 13 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft set to be delivered in a few more months as it’s main operating task will be to operate JAL’s international route network.

Why would this be a great addition to JAL’s livery choice in Infinite Flight

I believe this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight because of the fact that there is not as of now any Japan Airlines aircraft in the long-haul sector that are manufactured by Airbus. If this feature does end up being added into Infinite Flight then that would therefore increase the rate in which players fly with JAL as there would effectively be more of a choice for players wanting to fly with JAL.

Note: There are no JAL A350-1000s that have been delivered nor is there any concept photo as of this being written so here is a photo of a JAL A350-900 that has been delivered so you get a rough picture.


Gotta love the A350 design at the back. Saw this on Flightradar24 yesterday and thought it would be beautiful to see as a rare aircraft in IF.


Same with the wingtips.

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I think we’re all here for the winglets! 😍


We’re not getting the 1000. only the -900 for now. Furthermore i believe there’s a livery request thread for the -900 for the same livery just a heads up:)

I am aware of the other livery request, the A350-900 and the A350-1000 are also different aircraft so I don’t see why you had to tell me that in first place but thanks for telling me anyway :)

Because very high chances we won’t be getting the 1000 for a few years:)


Yes thank you for telling me that I was talking about your other point :)

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He mentioned that in the original post. The airline has them on order, and since there are none delivered, or any good concept photos that he could find a picture of a -900 was used…