Japan Airlines 777 flight (Engine Failure)

I decided to do a flight from RJTT-ROAH but after takeoff I suffered an engine failure so I decided to return back to RJTT

Server: Training
Time: 6:13 PST

here are the photos!

Parked at the gate at RJTT:

Push backed:

On the runway:


At around 13K FT is when I got the engine failure:

Approach into RJTT with one engine:



Hmmm… wonder why one of it failed…

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I had infinite passengers running in the background, it’s a good thing only one of them failed and not both!

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I never used infinite flight passengers because it costs money…

Yeah, it’s 99 cents for the game and $2.99 a month for emergencies and the airlines boarding music.

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I think I got the app for free but I only get basic callout and boarding music + safety demo.