Japan Airlines 777-300ER (Arc of the Sun Livery)

When you improve the 777-300ER please add this painting of Japan Airlines. It looks good.
Arc of the sun painting. It is from Japan Airlines. The airline is from Japan. It is very common and popular.

This is a really beautiful livery I will really try to get a free vote. Couldn’t find any other topic so 🤞 hope it stays open

This livery is called Arc of the Sun so you may want to change that!


Could you please add a little bit more substance to your feature request? Some things like:

  • Picture Credit
  • History of the Aircraft/Livery/Airline
  • Specifications

Thank you!

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People will vote if they feel like it. You can’t force them to vote for your feature.

Just be patient, it takes a while for more people to see your request!


Hopefully this comes with the new update.

Is this a special livery for JAL or is it the new livery?

It’s the old livery

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Oh never knew that, thanks for the info.

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