Japan Airlines 747-400

Hey everyone! Time for a feature request by me.

I’ve always gushed about Russian and Japanese liveries and how they’re missing from IF. Now, I’m carrying on with that with Japan. This time, it’s a request for Japan Airlines’ 747-400 in the 2002-2011 colour scheme. Why do I want this? First of all, there aren’t many Japanese liveries in IF so I thought I’d add to it. Why add it if it’s retired? Well, why did IF add a DC-10 and MD-11? Plus, many 747 operators in IF have retired their fleet of 747s since it’s addition so I feel it is fitting. What surprises me about the 744 is that Japan Airlines was the world’s largest operator of the 747 family (the 400 being its most abundant) and the fact it isn’t in IF. You might say: Why not just fly the -200? Well, this livery is different and less dated. Now to the picture of this beauty!


Look at that, simple yet stunning.

About JAL:

About the 747-400:

What do you think?

Nice one, but as you know, all my votes went to the ANA planes due to the shortage of ANA liveries.

Hope to see it soon as well!


Beautiful, but my last remaining vote goes to ANA’s 747. I hope this classic bird gets acknowledged as well!


Same. I like the JAL livery on the 744, but the ANA livery is just mmmmmmmm like the comments on the GE90 in the 777 rework thread.


Bumping this, this shouldn’t be ignored once the 747 gets some attention from the devs!


yes vote this


I️ also think we need this plane.
Japan is proud of this wonderful plane 😉.image

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I don’t see any Japanese 747-400s, so please add them. Especially JAL had a lot of 747s

Please vote 747-400


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