Japan Air System 777-289 Livery

Japan Air System Boeing 777-289 - JA8979

Photographer: Aero IcarusPhoto: Flikr

About Japan Air System

Japan Air System Co., Ltd. ( JAS ) was the smallest of the big three Japanese airlines. In contrast to the other two, JAL and ANA, JAS’ international route network was very small, but its domestic network incorporated many smaller airports that were not served by the two larger airlines. As an independent company, it was last headquartered in the JAS M1 Building at Haneda Airport in Ōta, Tokyo. It has since merged with Japan Airlines.

JAS was famous for its variety of aircraft liveries; Amy Chavez of The Japan Times described the rainbow liveries as “abstract.” Many of its color schemes in the 1990s were designed by film director Akira Kurosawa

The airline’s slogan was “Good Speed Always”.

The Livery - Design Contest

In 1996, Japan Air System held a contest for designing the livery of the Boeing 777. The youngest entrant was three years of age while the oldest was 84. A total of 10,364 participants from 42 countries submitted entries. The judges included Akira Kurosawa, Masuo Ikeda, Kenshi Hirokane, Yoshiko Sakurai, and Yusuke Kaji. Thirteen-year-old Masatomo Watanabe (渡部 真丈, Watanabe Masatomo ), a male second year Grade 8 student living near Chitose Airport The Japan Air System Boeing 777, painted in Watanabe’s design, premiered in April 1997 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Japan Air System.

JA8979 now

This aircraft, JA8979 was delivered in 1997-11-13 making the aircraft 23.5 yrs old as of now. Since the merger with JAL, the aircraft was transferred april of 2004 and has continued to operate in normal service.

This aircraft is also equiped with the PW4084 engines.

So what do you say having this unique retro livery to spice up the majority of the current modern eurowhite liverys.

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