Japan air self defence force 777-300ER

Japan air self defense currently has 1 boeing 777-300ER and another one on order. Considering the upcoming 777 rework, I think this beauty should definitely be in the update, as it is one of the most beautiful and minimal government liveries I’ve ever seen.

Photo credit: Chris Jilli on planespotters.net
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Wow this is a really nice livery! You have my vote :)

Got your vote faster than i got mine)

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Haha I was going to tell you to vote for your own feature

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How come governments can come up with beautiful liveries like this but airlines keep coming up with copies of other airlines? Would love to see this!

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Hey nice thread but the 777-200er will come first most likely the 300er will come last so you have time to get more votes :D

To their defence, countries like Japan who have only 1 geometrical shape in their flag have unlimited branding possibilities


I gotta say I have full support over this, but unfortunately I don’t have a vote at the moment. Good luck though, it’s a beautiful livery.

It would be neat to have this aircraft in-game! It sucks that we only have US VIP aircraft at the moment, and we have gotten so many commercial livery updates for other aircraft but no presidential aircraft of countries other than the United States.


You’ll have my vote whenever I get more. I like the idea of this jet seeing the skies of IF. Especially since Japan is one of the few nations, if not the only one, that I know of, that uses the 777-300ER as its official government plane (having retired its previous 747-400s).

Currently my votes are spread out among more additions to ANA’s fleet. Especially their 777-300ER. Hope this thread sees some more success.

Actually Lufthansa came first

Nevermind, pulled a vote from the ability to customize aircraft registration thread for this. You have my support

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This is a nice livery, don’t have a vote but would be lovely in IF.

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I would love this livery in IF

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