Japan Air A350-900 KIX to SEA

Yesterday, I have flown from RJBB to KSEA. My landing is very challenging because the wind was downwind 46 knots! I recommend you to fly because Alaska mountains are very beautiful!!! Let’s go😁😁

Call sign: FREEHK
Aircraft: Japan Airline A350-900
From Kansas Airport to Seattle Tacoma Airport
Flight time: 8 hours and 25 mins
Time takeoff: 8 UTC
Arrive time: 14:00 UTC
Server: Expert Server

Spawn in KIX with another B788 Jetstar

Taxi to 06R

Smoothly takeoff

Fly across Pacific Ocean

Approaching SEA in Crosswind 65 knots.

Landing in APPR

Finally! And welcome to beautiful KSEA


Beatiful photos!

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Nice flight! Though the JAL A359 is exclusively for the domestic flight w domestic first, J seats & Econ class equipped. ;)


thanks bro. Although this flight is not exists.

Does it matter if the flight exists or not? People are free to fly wherever in whatever aircraft they want.

RJBB is KIX, not ITM :)

Sorry. I will correct it

Yep. But I mean it doesn’t have this flight in real life:)D

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Ah right. Sorry misunderstood:)

Nice flight
Just remind you that Infinite Flight and its community is NOT a place to share your political stand. Your callsign may be considered inappropriate and/or insulting by some flyers.
Let’s focus on aviation, not politics.

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oh sorry bro

Just a small error. KIX is Kansai airport

But other than that the photos are good!