Japan A350 flight!

Well it’s no surprise that everybody has herd the news that a Japan Airlines Airbus A350-900 has unfortunately found it’s fate by colliding with a maritime petrol Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft on the runway that had unfortunate lead up with 5 people losing their lives.

So as any avgeek head like myself has thought of recreating the flight but adding a heart to the east of japan in honour and respect to the 5 people who has unfortunately perished

Just to be clear, me doing this is meaning no disrespect or hate towards the families or people who has passed away.

Here are some screenshots of the heart that i drew ⬇️

The screenshots were taken on a app called InfiniteInfo (IOS only)

It has also come to my attention that @United403 and his fellow friends has noticed that i was doing this and have decided to hold short of 34R just to flash their landing lights as i was landing, absolute legends!! :D

Server: Expert

Flight: RJCC - RJTT

Aircraft: A359

Flight time: 2 hours 19 minutes (including the heart draw)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 🫶


It was an honor watching you Land ♥️🇯🇵♥️

My condolences and profound sadness go to the families who lost loved ones, and to all who are affected 🫡


Oi @United403, why wasn’t I invited!?

Jokes aside it’s cool to see the respect going out for that Aircraft. That poor A350 didn’t deserve that fate. Hopefully Japan has a good year ahead of them because it’s really starting out rough for them


It’s a miracle that everyone onboard the A350 and one guy onboard the dash 8 were able to survive, especially when you look at what’s left of the A350


I know right!!! Incredible job by the flight attends helping so many people evacuate the aircraft!!


Happy to be part of that group. RIP to all who lost their lives. 🪦💔


It’s crazy how fast this story erupted and the absolute chain reaction of delays of HND right now. My deepest condolences to the five who passed and their familys. Those coast guard workers were trying to help the west coast of Japan after the 7.6 magnitude earthquake,


What a magnificent and human gesture, which is increasingly rare these days. All my condolences go to these 5 victims from Houston, TX. May their souls rest in peace.

Thank you,

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