Japan 3DAirport

IF seems to be underdeveloped in Asia (especially Japan). Of course, the priority may be lower than in Europe or the United States. However, there is only one 3D airport in Japan. This is still not enough … Do you have any plans to develop a 3D airport in Japan? Please let me know as much as you can … sorry to complain.


Hi! Thanks for your message. At the moment, the team of editors can decide themselves what airports they build. Once they finish an airport, they start the next one. When one of them decides to build an airport in Japan, it will make it to the app! The goal of Infinite Flight is to have every airport available in 3D at some point, so I have no doubt that some airports in Japan will follow 😊🇯🇵


Really! Thank you for teaching me🙏🙏


Hopefully Kansai comes next


Kansai is my hometown! So I really hope!

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