January 5, 2014. American Airlines Boeing 737-800 DFW-SEA. Part 2.

Last on Sunday, January 5, 2014, in the evening.

I got my old iPhone 4s took a camera to ride the plane for the window.

But the reason my flight landing arrives at the gate A walked to ride train way to gate D ← International gets off of the train because I miss my flight to Seattle very late time also delay my ticket for the wait and I met desk, customer service the gate, I have my ticket miss my flight to Seattle? Man: it’s okay to get your ticket, then change for your ticket more plane to Seattle did not worry. Me: Thank you. Man: My pleasure. My ticket was waiting for a 3 hour delay very late at night, too.

My American Airlines plane is a Boeing 737-800 ← it has made a new Next Generation and the paint does not change color for the plane, only the label old AA livery, too sad.

The gate D, KDFW/DFW. American Airlines Boeing 737-800.

It’s push. American Airlines is a new Boeing 777-300ER long passengers and I think it leaves the trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil able and I am not sure.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER also, too.

Oh hey American Airlines is an old McDonnell Douglas MD-82 or 83 at the gate D.

Interior it’s a very cool this a new Next Generation very awesome! Also inside during passengers full seating level is a Boeing 737-800.

Takeoff 36R Runway. I got my phone the video before Runway takeoff and I saw the window the plane for Qantas is a Boeing 747-400ER only the rest of the gate D.

Flower Mound, Texas. The window had no rain and did dry the window.

The watched movie named it Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013).

It’s a very near landing at KSEA/SEA soon in a few minutes.

Before my flight the last landing on 34C Runway, KSEA/SEA. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 with a Hawaiian Lei at the gate N is North, KSEA/SEA.

Our last stop arrives at the D9, KSEA/SEA late at 11:30+ pm and I am just very tired and I need to go to bed at home in the evening 🥱😴💤❗ I was in 11th grade when I started school at my HS tomorrow and I was very tired, too but not now about the story of my experience posted 7 years ago last in Winter.

Thank you for watching!

It has a good day the plane very enjoy the dark!


back when times were good…

great trip report!

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My pleasure.

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  • Yes, I have my old iPhone 4s with cased, then been no service the internet a very long sound isn’t a good.

  • I have one old iPhone 6 with Otted case was broken on battery for 3 years end in November 2018 my iPhone was a ruin cracked.

  • Now, I have my iPhone XR to continue last on November 2018 for the better now.

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