Janet Airlines Evacuation Flight @ KLAS -281300ZJUN18

Server: Training

Airport: KLAS

Time: 1300Z

Required Aircraft: X1 KC-10 Tanker, X1 C130J, X1 F-16C, ∞Boeing 737-700, ∞Boeing 737-700BBJ, ∞Boeing 737-800, ∞Boeing 737-900 (All Boeing 737s must be in the generic livery)

NOTAM: North Korea and Russia have both joined forces and have launched thousands of ballistic missiles to obliterate the U.S . If you can fly one of Janet’s 737s to KXTA (Area 51) you will be granted hostage in the radiation-proof bunker along with the most important politicians and of course president Donald Trump. You can copy the flight plan off me. I will spawn in a blank livery 737-700BBJ at Janet Airlines Apron 1.

Flight Plan:

Approach ( Homey Air Base ):

Janet Airlines Apron 01: @HeliosAirways
Janet Airlines Apron 02: @Kaleb99j_REAL
Janet Airlines Apron 03: @EpicLegend29
Janet Airlines Apron 04: @mazen_xx4
Janet Airlines Apron 05: @Jackalus_Mills
Janet Airlines Apron 06: @Michael_Czyz
Gate D01: @david_hartono_S (Possible)
Gate D02: @festiveDuck (F-16C)
Gate D03: @Adam_Lehot (KC-10)
Gate D04: @sam2875
Gate D05:
Gate D06:
Gate D07:
Gate D08:
Gate D09:
Gate D10:
Gate D11:
Gate D12:
Gate D13:
Gate D14:
Gate D15:
Gate D16:
Gate D17:
Gate D18:
Gate D19:
Gate D20:


Sign me up for this event please!

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Which plane will spawn up in?

Yes, may I participate. I’ll represent the USCG-IF in this event with our flagship the C130J. Ill take any gate Callsign USGC0212

I’ve signed you up! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Don’t know yet, callsign LIT001 though.

Haha, well okay then, let me know when you’ve decided.

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Not a Just Another Non Existent Terminal anymore!


Can i take the vc-25 gate?

That’s not a very nice way to treat government pilots.

On a serious note, this is an interesting idea for an event that I wouldn’t have thought of.


Hey I’d like to join, f16 or any Boeing I do not mind, if there is a 747 left I’ll take that though!! Also when is the event may I ask?

Yes you can, I’ll add you now.

Please sign me up!! This event looks really fun!

I’ll add you now. It’s on Thursday at 2:00 o’clock GMT or 1300 Zulu time.

I’ll add you now. Which aircraft are you using?

I will join, I’m using the 737-700

I will take the B737-700BBJ

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Done! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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There are specific JANET gates at both locations… why don’t you post a pic of them…the JANET Airlines Aprons at KLAS are located off a right taxiway from 19R !!!

Umm can I have a gate?