Janet Airlines 737 (Area 51 taxi)

Janet Airlines

Now we have global flight, and more notably, Area 51, we need a way to get there right?

A highly classified small fleet of passenger aircraft known as “Janet” is operated for the United States Air Force to transport military and contractor employees. It mainly serves the Nevada National Security Site (most notably Area 51 and TTR), from their terminal at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. The fleet’s “Janet” call sign, from which its de facto name comes, is said to stand for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal”

The Janet fleet consists of six Boeing 737-600s painted white with a prominent red cheatline. All the 737-600 aircraft are ex-Air China and with the exception of N273RH and N365SR were previously operated by the now defunct China Southwest Airlines before being acquired for US Air Force operations starting in 2008. The aircraft was initially taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base before being transferred to Las Vegas.

That aside…If you are a true Aviation Geek, you will remember the FSX mission “Secret Shuttle”, and need no further information…

  • Image is a stock image from google.
  • I am aware of another Janet livery request, however, it is very basic and old. Janet Air livery

Interesting might like to see that in IF

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I’ve heard of this government “airline.” Would be cool to flying them!

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I don’t see a plane in the picture you submitted… can you try different one maybe?

It is there for me!

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I only see mountains, a terminal, barb wire fence, runway, dirt, and smoke.

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How could anyone forget that? :)

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This looks amazing! I’ve seen 2 takeoff in less then 10 minutes on the same runway here in McCarran. Maybe we’ll then have something else to fly to Area 51!