Janet Air livery

Is there, or will there, be a Janet Air Livery?

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2 questions…

1 this should probably be in features
2 and what does this have to do with LAS terminal?

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No 737-600, no word of an update.

I honestly cannot see a 736 in the sim for a while to come. So many more important a/cs.

Thus, I wouldn’t expect it.

If you also wanted the LAS airport terminal, please add that in your post and edit it back into the title. Always good to have the topic title match the content of the post :)


i agree with coffe

I want a Janet Aircraft livery, It’d make the simulator more spooky. ;)


That’s what I’m talking about

If you guys are expressing interest in the LAS, Area 51 region check out my topic.
This is not spam

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Hopefully the Janet livery is added to the 737 line.image


You might want to add more detail to the title and the description. But before this you might want to request the aircraft. :) nice choice though. I hope it gets added! About the Features Category

This post was made 3 years ago. Things were different then. :)


Besides the fact that you are necroposting (well, its features so not as much…), Janet operates 736’s and 732’s, neither of which are in the game, as well as some smaller aircraft.

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