JAN25 / 1400Z | Massive fly-out / fly-in for Vilnius 700th birthday @ EYVI

Basic event rules

Summary: Let’s do a massive fly-out for my city’s 700th birthday! Truly an amazing event to be in, life here in Vilnius is going to be SO MUCH different once it is the 700th birthday! Event is based in EYVI, my home airport, and I hope I see A LOT of registrations.

Server: Expert

Airport: EYVI

Time: Time starting: Zulu: 2:00PM; Europe/Vilnius: 4:00PM; Paris: 3:00PM; UK: 2:00PM; USA/CA: 6:00AM
Time ending: Zulu: 5:00PM; Europe/Vilnius: 7:00PM; Paris: 6:00PM; UK: 5:00PM; USA/CA: 9:00AM


Assignments and violations

Gate Assignment

Gate 50:
Gate 49:
Gate 48
Gate 47
Gate 46A:
Gate 45:
Remote Stand 01:
Remote Stand 02:
Remote Stand 03:
Remote Stand 05:
Remote Stand 06:
Remote Stand 07:
Remote Stand 08:
Remote Stand 12:
Remote Stand 13:
Remote Stand 14:
Remote Stand 18:
Remote Stand 19:
Remote Stand: 22
Remote Stand: 23
Remote Stand: 24
Remote Stand: 25
Remote Stand: 26
Remote Stand 32:
Remote Stand 33:
Remote Stand 34:
Remote Stand 35:
Remote Stand 36:
Remote Stand 37:
People who are going to spawn next to each other in Remote Stands - please try to spawn at a different time, since the gap between your wings is going to be no more than 70cm or 27 inches


How can I appeal my Level 2 or 3 Violation?

If you get a Level 2 or a Level 3 Violation, this is NOT my problem, if you think that the violation was unfair, please appeal it to the appeals team as I’m not going to assist with any of those no questions asked.

What can be the reasons for the violation?

The violations are set by default, but there is also my reasons:

  1. Heavy aircraft. You cannot spawn in with an aircraft bigger than the A321 or the B737-900.
  2. Incorrect airline usage. Here is the list of airlines that fly to Vilnius at this day (please do not spawn in with a Brussels Airlines, because as of today it is not flying to Vilnius, NEITHER DO NOT SPAWN IN WITH A BELAVIA AIRCRAFT, IT IS GOING TO BE AN INSTANT LEVEL 3 VIOLATION, NEITHER DON’T WITH A UIA AIRCRAFT, AEROFLOT IS STRICTLY PERMITTED)
ATC Assignments

Tower 118.20:
ATIS 125.80:
Approach 120.70:

Ending message

I hope I see a lot of people on this day to show up on this event.
I still don’t know if I am going to be getting a one day break from school because of this.
I encourage everyone to join, no matter you are absolutely not familiar with Vilnius.
Thank you!

Pov: no one joined this

Real, so real

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