JAN14 / 2000Z - Nashville Airport Fill Up

No jetblue?

If you could please remove on of the gates and replace it with a jetblue e190 to KBOS

You are signed up!

right here!

Gret thanks!

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I’ll take this gate to St. Louis, SWA 737-700

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I’m taking C17 Southwest; Route: KBNA-KAUS; Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Mmm I would like to provide ATC services ground 121.9 and Tower 118.6

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So can I control?

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Yes, i have been to busy the last week. So sorry

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Thank you! Looking forward to give you a realistic expirience.

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Can I get my clearance to attend this event?

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Can I switch to this on a 737-800 heading to Long Beach please

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Hey. I’m heading to a football game tomorrow so I’m unable to attend. Sorry :(

all good, enjoy.

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Joining. Please follow atc instructions or you will be reporte

I’m spawning in now

Be patient. Its up.

Don’t tell me that there is TWO people. And the rest didnt even show up.

ikr, I was wondering the same thing. Where is everyone?