JAN06 1630Z / Winter In Winnipeg Flyout

Hello everyone! My first event of 2024 will be up north in icy Winnipeg. Winnipeg is located in the center of Canada in the province and capital of Manitoba. Besides the fact its the capital of Manitoba and a well known center of arts in Canada. Its known to be extremely cold especially this time of year! Its serve by James Armstrong Richardson Intl Airport located to the west of the city! It has quite a few destinations across Canada but to many places warmer in the Southern USA and Mexico. So escape the cold on January 6 at YWG Airport!


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive if you attend.
  2. Arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of event
  3. If ATC is present, try and follow all their instructions given to you
  4. Use Unicom if ATC does not show up
  5. This will be on Expert Server so fly as professionally as possible
  6. Have fun!


Server: Expert Server
Airport: Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
Time: 2024-01-06T16:30:00Z2024-01-06T17:30:00Z
Sponsors: No current sponsors. If you would like to sponsor this event. Please DM me!

ATC Services

If possible, I would love to get some people to work ATC. If not, pilots will use Unicom.


Main Terminal Gates

There aren’t a ton of gates at Winnipeg so there are gate assignments. I’m willing to change routes/airlines/aircraft however I cannot guarantee a switch

Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Pilot D Destination
Gate 01 Delta (A320) - Minneapolis
Gate 02 Air Canada(A320) - Toronto-Pearson
Gate 03 Air Canada(A223) - Vancouver
Gate 04 Flair Airlines(B738) @MANDELA Toronto-Pearson
Gate 05 Air Canada(A320) - Montreal
Gate 06 WestJet(B737) - Edmonton
Gate 07 WestJet(B738) @Bay_Area_Aviation Atlanta
Gate 08 WestJet(B738) - Las Vegas
Gate 09 WestJet(B738) - Palm Springs
Gate 10 WestJet(B737) - Orlando
Gate 11 Sunwing(B738 Generic) - Cancun
Gate 12 LynxAir(B738 Generic) - Calgary
Gate 15 CalmAir(Q400 Generic) @Shane_Rossler Churchill
Gate 16 CalmAir(Q400 Generic) - Thompson
Gate 17 Porter(Q400) @Apple_Haye Toronto
Gate 18 Air Canada Express(CRJ900) - Ottawa
Gate 19 WestJet Encore(Q400) - Regina
Gate 20 WestJet Encore(Q400) - Saskatoon
Gate 21 WestJet Encore(Q400) @Wonderousbuilder641 Thunder Bay
Cargo Gates
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Pilot D Destination
Cargo 01 Private(A339/Charter) @anon87523340 Lisbon
Cargo 02 UPS(MD11) - Minneapolis
Cargo 03 FedEx(B77F) - Toronto-Pearson
Cargo 04 FedEx(B77F) - Indianapolis
FedEx Cargo 01 FedEx (MD11) @CaptainRex_Aviation Memphis
FedEx Cargo 02 FedEx Feeder(C208) - Thunder Bay
CargoJet 02 CargoJet(B752 Generic) - Hamilton
CargoJet 04 SunCountry(B738/Charter) @Mort Bullhead City
CargoJet 05 CargoJet(B752 Generic) - Iqaluit
General Aviation Gates
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Pilot Destination
- -(-) - -
RCAF Gates
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Pilot Destination
- -(-) - -

can I take this but a private A330-900Neo to La Bourget France

Unique… I know 😆

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Sure I guess lmao. Idk if the A339 can fit at the RCAF gates. I’ll put you at cargo gates for now but if it does fit you’ll move over there

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thanks much


Me please!

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You’re signed up!

Yes please!

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Got you down!

I’ll take this

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Great choice!

Ooo… tough choice…
Since Minneapolis is taken, can I do a Sun Country charter to Bullhead City?


If you want MSP I’m willing to switch to Atlanta

Nah, it’s fine.

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Alright. It’s free if you want it though. I’ll throw you in at the cargo gate

Event bump

Still plenty of gates left!

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I’ll do the main FedEx gate in the MD11F going to KMEM (can’t rock a A306 so this will have to do) :)

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Nice choice!

Event bump :D

I have no idea where Thunder Bay is, but it sounds cool so I’ll take it

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Its North West of Toronto