Jan_W’s Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A Passed my Radar Practical!

Hello IFC!

I’m just happy to be in radar training. I want to improve my ability to control the approach frequency. That’s why I now have this ATC Radar Tracking Thread. I would be happy if you could help me become a better approach controller. Feedback is always welcome!

Display Name: LUF IFATC Jan

Server: Training Server

Airport: N/A

Approach Type: ILS, GPS and Visual.

Frequency: Approach

Thread approved by @Chris_Wing

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Now open @EDDH

Airport: EDDH

Runway: RWY 23 in using

Frequency: Approach [118.20]

You are welcome to come over and fly a few radar patterns. I am always happy about feedback!

Now closed!

Dang, I was about to come over. Remember to change your title etc so then i know when to come, thanks!

Yeah, I forgot.

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