Jan‘s ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @ EDDL

EDDV is now closed

I now open EDDV

Server: Trainings Server
Aircraft: Any
Active RWY: any

I would be happy if you come! Please give me adequate feedback.

I would be very Happy If you come! Please Help me to be a better ATC

I open Hanover in 30 min. I would be very happy if someone comes. Here is all the information:

Airport: EDDV Germany, Hannover
Aircraft: Any
Departing Runways: 09R // 09L // 09C
Arrival Runways: 09R and 09L
Pattern Work allowed

EDDV Germany, Hannover is now open. Please come and give me Feedback!

EDDL (Dusseldorf, Germany) is now open. I would be happy if you come! Please give me feedback.

I’ll pass by.

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Thank for opening the thread and this is the feedback:

  • Everything on ground was great.

  • Giving take off clearance with the traffic direction was correct.

  • Clearing me for the option without saying the turn direction again was correct.

  • When I requested a runway to 23R change the pattern entry was 100% correct.

  • But the big mistake you did was not clearing me for the option after the runway change and i guess you forgot it.

But you did a really good beside forgetting the clearance it’s ok to make mistakes but the important thing is learning from them, good job. 👍🏻

Thank you.

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Thank you for the Feedback!

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Guten Tag, I’ll drop by for a circuits. Gotta get that landing count up :)

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Sorry, but I need to Close EDDL in 15min

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No worries brother, I’ll do 2 circuits then. This one being my first

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Everything seems okay to me, great job brother.

Hope all goes well for your test

Tschüss :)

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Are you still open? If not, you should update your tracking thread.

I was still open…

When I checked, EDDL ATC wasn’t active…

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