jamie_pharoah’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @

Hey guys and girls I have reached the point where it’s time to start one of these seeing as I have just passed the IFATC written exam

Currently open at EGKK
Pattern work is allowed
And feed back more then welcome

Hey! Here is a quick feedback.

  • Liked the way you controlled

  • Correct instructions

  • Good situation awareness (aircrafts approaching the wrong runway etc.)

  • Correct sequencing

  • Aircrafts always need a pattern entry if you want them to land on another runway than they did before example:
    Incorrect: Aircraft departing runway 26R, making left traffic. “Aircraft XY number one cleared to land runway 26L”
    Correct: Aircraft departing runway 26R, making left traffic. “Aircraft XY enter left downwind runway 26L” “Aircraft XY number one cleared to land runway 26L”

But overall a very good session. Thanks for the service and I hope to see you in the team soon!

Hey thanks for the feedback tbh I have to say that was one of my better sessions and the most aircraft I have had doing pattern work but I will get is mastered

Don’t forget that “cleared for the option” should be used if they have the intention to do touch and go’s. Always give them the option to make left or right traffic if they change runway.


Hey Jamie,

Here’s my feedback from today’s session:

  1. Transition altitude was too high. Don’t look at the airspace but the airport elevation. When it says airport elevation is 188 ft add 2500ft and you got 2688. Round that up to 3000ft. That’s the transition altitude for the airport. When an airport has an elevation of 3729 add
    2500ft and the transition altitude would be 6229 or 6500ft.

  1. You first gave me a landing clearance (number 1) and you put me on sequence for number 2. This is not how it works. You should first cancel my landing clearance and then put me on the sequence. After that you give me a clearance again.

After all you did a great job! Just make sure you know how every procedure works.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey thanks for the feedback all is taking on board
The landing clearance was issued before I got in touch with the Jersey so then sequenced you after him I understand should of cancelled and done it again and as for the transition I’m still working them out but will get there

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Open at EGKK
Runways in use 26L/R
Pattern work is allowed

Hi, Jamie.
This is N186LZ. You did a pretty good job, however, there’s still some mistakes involved. Here’s the feedback.

  1. Good job managing basic ATC instructions, e.g. Pushback, taxi, cross runway, takeoff…

  2. When you clear me for the option, you don’t need to send me an instruction if I’m aligned on the same runway. For example, I takeoff from RWY 26L and request for traffic pattern, you issue me with a left traffic, then when I enter the downwind, you need to clear me for the option; however, there’s no need to give me “make left traffic” instruction again.

  3. Good job managing pilots entering the runway without premission, and the go-around was right on time, just before I reached the minimum height for final approach. However, when you issue a go-around, remember to clear the pilot who’s going around to land/ for the option again, and sequence when necessary, also hand them to rader controller if there’s one.

  4. Good job sequencing! Always remember to sequence then clear.

  5. Good job dealing with transition; Height choice was pretty good.

  6. Good job dealing with pilots requesting a runway change; Remember to give a pattern entry and then clear. However, when you gave me the pattern entry, better add the sequence together since there was already one aircraft on final. It’s not that good to send two messages instead of just one, and in busy airports like EGLL, this is really important! You don’t really have time to wait for the reply.

7.When I called inbound after transition, you gave me the wrong instruction. I was calling for landing, instead of touch & go. Always remember to check aircrafts calling inbound are landing or touch & go.

(A piece of advice for choosing your airport in your tracking thread. EGKK is very close to EGLL, and pilots need to contact EGLL’s rader controller; that’s not very convenient. As you know, this is training server, and EGLL’s controllers’ rate is varied. Try choosing smaller airports next time; avoiding being interrupted by other airports or controllers.)

Good controlling above all! Check out the tutorials on YouTube channel & ATC Manual. See you next time.

Happy flying & controlling!

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Hello Jamie, nice job for me, pretty to do e few T/G at EGKK with you control !!

Clear and just info, well done !! Pleasure to see you back on an other control !!


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Open at EGCC
runways 23L/R in use
Pattern work allowed
Winds currently at 27016kt so a slight crosswind

Open at LEMG
pattern work allowed
Runways 12 and 13 for landing and takeoff
Winds 10008kt

Ideally would like 4+ people to come fly more the better before I book my practical for IFATC

Open at OMDB
RUNWAYS 30L and 30R in use
Pattern work more then welcome

On my way in just a few minutes! :)

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Hi there @jamie_pharoah,

Your controlling was good today, however it was quite a quiet service so I didn’t grasp what your like under pressure. Sadly I couldn’t do anymore as I’m now controlling at WSSS. I will make sure that I do some more patterns for you in the future.

Just remember that when you are under pressure sequencing is by far you best friend!

Kind Regards,


Thanks for coming I was hoping for a few more to join

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runways in use 12L 12R
Winds 13008kt
Pattern work is welcome
Probably last training session before practical tomorrow so all is more then welcome to join

I’m coming

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One thing. I requested landing after my touch and go I was on right downwind and you cleared me for the option. Always double check whether the pilot wants to land or continue touch and go.

:) Great work however though. I also did a go around just to see how you would react.

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Hey Jamie!
I have just some feedback. U were a bit late on the sequencing and clearance once. Other than this you handled all the situations i created very greatly 👍🏼

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Last practice session before my test tomorrow so come on guys come and join me

Runways in use 13L 13R
Pattern work more than welcome
Winds 11003kt

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