James's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Status: Closed

Hello Everyone,

When I am open at an airport I would please like to be tested on the following:

•Pattern Work
•Pattern Entries
•Departures and arrivals
•Runway changes

Thank you to everyone how participates in making me a better controller and all feedback is read and strongly influences my decision making as a controller.

Thanks in advance and happy flying,


Hey @James. Your title should be EGLL, because EGGL isn’t an airport.

Hello! We love that you want to be controlling but EGLL isn’t a very good idea, there are so many people! It’s good if you want to test yourself but people are don’t have a lot of ATC knowledge and won’t listen to your commands. Please open at a smaller airport with 2 parallel runways so that we can test you on runway changes. Check the topic below for some more helpful tips!

Sorry it was an error on my behalf, the airport is EDDL.

Sorry about the confusion,

Opening at a smaller airport isn’t required. Let him open at the airport of his choice.

No, I was always going to open at EDDL, I just spelt the airport wrong🙂

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Nicely done mate. Pattern instructions were properly given, even picked up on my last second change of mind call

IFAU Joewon

Thanks, do you have anything that I should improve on?

Nah really well done, tho the first pattern work I did, you didn’t provide me with a pattern instruction and just cleared me, but you picked up on this quickly so I figured it was just just a minor mistake that you forgot

Yeah, sorry about that🙂

Were my runway changes good?

Yep, nothing wrong and I appreciated it, really change things up a bit for you and the other pilots

Ok, yeah sorry, I was thing about it but couldn’t remember if I had to, I will definitely give a entry, also a pattern entry is just left/right downwind right?

Thanks, I’ll probably do another one in a few hours, building off the feed back I got from this one🙂

Yeah, I’ve read it. Just need to find sometime to go through it in depth

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Nicely done mate! You followed all procedures correctly and used the pattern work right. Don’t think that there was anything in particular to pull you up on to be honest.

Good luck with everything.


Thank you🙂

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Hey James,

Below is my feedback from your session earlier. It was decent, but there are some things that were incorrect or or you can improve on.

  • The first pattern was flawless. The sequencing you gave me was very well thought through.

  • When I left your airspace, you didn’t give me a frequency change. When an aircraft is departing an airport, the AT-Controller must give the aircraft a frequency change when they’re about to leave the first blue circle.

  • Transition was perfect. Well done!

  • You handled the forced go around correctly. I was on a 2NM when you told me to go around which gave me enough time to react safely execute a go around.

  • After the go around, you told me to enter a right downwind for 05L when you told me to make right traffic for 05R a few seconds earlier. I then requested a runway change which you handled correctly and all was good. I’m just a little confused why you gave me the command for 05L.

  • Whilst I was on right base, I announced that I was going to perform a full stop landing. You gave me clearance to land even though one minute prior to that you already gave me clearance for the option. If you’ve given someone clearance for the option and they then announce that they’re on right downwind, right base etc., full stop, then you can respond with a simple roger because you’ve cleared them for the option.

  • Whilst I was flying my patterns I noticed that you gave HB-CHW a right downwind instruction after he took off. You also told him to make right traffic after the option which isn’t needed because you told him to make right traffic in the take off clearance.

A part from the mistakes I mentioned above, everything was good. If something isn’t clear then I’d be more than happy to go over it with you in Slack. Keep on opening this thread and maybe watch the tutorials once again and you’ll improve by no time.

All the best,
Nick Wing

Thanks Nick,
I gave you 5L to try give you a seperate runway as I thought Chris was going to land 5R, once I realised that wasn’t the case I was happy to give you 5R. Thanks for the feedback, a lot of stuff you told me that I didn’t know and will be useful for my training session tomorrow 🙂

All the best,

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Open at PGUM