JamesQFA380's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ YSSY

Welcome to @JamesQFA380's ATC Thread

STATUS : Closed for now

Airport : YSSY

Server : Training

ATC requests: wold prefer if you did pattern work as I need to work on improving sequencing.

If you have any feedback then please comment below. This is my first tracking thread so please let me know if there’s anything wrong.

I will open this thread off my saying…I will come down for you mate.

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@Qantas094 BoUnCe.


You should have stayed open longer to allow more traffic to fly through

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Just one thing, when you were on final for 16R, I had already cleared you to land so although could have have said on final, it wasn’t actually necessary.

Stayed as ATC?

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Good job with ground, despite when I landed, I didn’t receive an “exit runway” command.


Takeoff clearance was good.

When clearing me for the option, there is no need for “… after the option, make left/right traffic”, as you already implied the traffic I’d be making in your takeoff clearance.

Good job on telling me to extend downwind.

Your transition was off. You should’ve given me a transition altitude of 2,500, not 4,000ft.

Not sure if this is an airport procedure or something, but why did you have that Qantas aircraft land on 34R, when you were already using 16L and 16R?

Other than that, good job. I recommend staying open longer as well…

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Yes, you should have stayed ATC longer.

G’day @anon70772274, I only picked up two errors. One of which it took you a while to The the duplicate frequency change button and clearing Q-Link 5 for takeoff twice. You also should have stayed open for at least 30 minutes like it says on the pinned topic in the #atc category. I would recommend you checkout the tutorials in the #tutorials:atc to learn some more. Other than that it was pretty good.

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Couldn’t have, got to get ready for school.

I know, I didn’t think anyone was going to give me that so I had a rough guess, immediately after I did realise but thanks.

I live near YSSY and know all the procedures and no it’s not. I tried to get them to land 16L but they refused so I just left him for that one time.
Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will stay longer next time (hopefully it won’t be before school).

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Thanks for letting me know, I did look at the tutorials but there was no specific time I had to stay for. I honestly don’t remember telling time to take off twice.

Alos with @Niccckk,

Very sorry about that, I was too fixed on the separation as I can’t tell when aircraft are on the ground or in the air.

Thank you very much t everyone who came a provided feedback that I’ll keep in mind and next time I’ll stay for at leat 30 minutes.


When aircraft are on the ground they will change from green to white so that way you know when to do a exit command.

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Be sure to watch their speed as well. I don’t want to be receiving exit runway commands at 110 kts GS. :)

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Oh ok thanks!

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Yeah I think I recently had a IFATC control do that to me and I just thought, how did he pass his practical?

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