JamesQFA380’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]@N/A

Welcome to JamesQFA380’s ATC Thread

Status : Closed

Airport : KSSC

Server : Training

Please sign up below using the callsign you will be using in the session. Only sign up If you are coming and know you can 100% make it.

ATC requests: transitions, inbounds, runway change and intersecting arrivals (if applicable) are approved (and recommend).

Pilot requirements:
Must have a stable internet connection and must know how to take off, fly and land in a pattern while following ATC guidance. If you fail to follow ATC then you will be ignored if you cause any separation, landing or sequencing issues.

Pilots (I’d like around six):

If you have any feedback please comment below. Thanks!


@MaxMann @MrMrMan are either of you available to attend?

I will be able to join

At 2020-01-15T00:00:00Z

Is the time

Yes that’s correct, From 1100 until like 1130 or 1140 as I have a practice session with my trainer at 1200.

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I can’t come to your ATC sorry

Yes that’s what I meant so tired, sorry about that

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@MaxMann @MrMrMan are either of you available to attend?

I’m not available atm, sorry

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Still open?

Please read the topic. I’m opening up in 6 hours and 15 minutes.

Hi James,

I can try make it if you require another pilot🙂

Yep sure, well I need six and your the first person so I’ll add you. If you need to drop out just let me know.

I’ll most likely use my callsign, V1 as I can’t use my VA callsign🙂

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Will you be controlling in 1:50 hours?

Yes that’s correct.

Yeah, I’ll be there, would you consider staying open longer than 30 minutes?

Probably not as the IFATC practical test that I’m doing tonight is just 30 minutes.

I’ll be there

Edit: @Parshava will be coming with me 😂


Ok, no problem

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