JamboJet Q400 Livery

I have been flying the JamboJet Q400 recently and the livery on the aircraft is gorgeous with the flashy pink. The aircrafts are recent and I’d love to see it in the sim Here is a picture for you to admire this livery

Please consider voting for this! Thanks !
This livery would allow local flying in Kenya and neighboring countries

Credit: Livery of the week: Jambojet

Hey mate,

This looks like a fantastic and unique livery that would be awesome to see in the simulator one day.

Unfortunately however, only one picture is allowed per feature request as per the #features category rules that I’ve linked below for you:

Take care mate!

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wasnt it only 1 picture?
or did he edit it?

I edited it just now

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Also not sure if that is your picture or not, but just a heads up that you are required to provide credit if it isn’t your picture.

Sure OK let me edit sorry!

No worries, all good!

Cheers mate!

got my support as soon as i read this.

Hey there! Great topic but this seems to be a duplicate :(

Now i know what you’re going to say, “it’s outdated and old” and I agree, however it hasn’t been closed and it has more votes, I would ask a mod to either close it or see if you can post a new one. Always make sure first!

Also i definitely NEED this in the game!

Have a great day :)

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Definetely is a duplicate thank you for noticing it

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Duplicate topic