Jambojet Bombardier Aerospace Dash 8 Q402

5Y-JXB serial no: 4555

What a beauty right? Probably the best looking Q400 out there. Magnificent👌 livery. What else would one ask for as a feature request…

#About Jambojet
Jambojet is an airline based in Nairobi, Kenya. The airline flies to seven Kenyan destinations(incl Nairobi’s HKJK, its main base). The airline operates a fleet of 5 aircraft( 3 737-300s and 2 Q400s)
The airline is fully owned by Kenya Airways.

#About the Q400
Stretched and improved 70–78 passenger version that entered service in 2000. Its 360 knot (667 km/h) cruise speed is 60–90 knots (111–166 km/h) higher than its competitors/predecessors. Powered by PW150A engines rated at 5,071 shp (3,781 kW) at maximum power (4,850 shp or 3,620 kW maximum continuous rated). The maximum operating altitude is 25,000 ft (7,600 m) for the standard version, although a version with drop-down oxygen masks is offered, which increases maximum operating altitude to 27,000 ft (8,200 m). All Q400s include the ANVS system.
#####(Thanks wikipedia)

The aircraft has splendid performance in poor airfields and it can also be used as a regional aircraft between a small city and a hub (eg Graz to Vienna)

More about the Dash 8 family can be found here :)

Great looking livery! But I think I still prefer the Alaska Horizon one more.

Small typo, btw:


I’m sorting out the typo :)


I like it :)

The tail looks a bit like a giraffe ;)

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If you want it, why don’t you vote? :-)

They are out of votes but still want to request. Great example of Human Greed.

Honestly, the livery looks very similar to the Austrian Airlines Dash 8. Is it just me?


Relax, I’m organizing my votes.

You do like brackets, don’t you?

Oh yeah. They make the post chic 👌🏻


Lol, everyone is being mean to Kizzy. I like the livery! And we do need some more African liveries.

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I really like the tail design! I think this would make a great livery addition.

Oh yeah, African liveries FTW


Saw one of these bad boys today. Got my vote. All for more Kenyan airlines 🇰🇪


Don’t forget about African Airlines in general! Most people haven’t even seen them lol, like lions in the wild.


I don’t wanna necropost but this has to be revisited. Who wouldn’t want an aircraft Misha voted for? That’s one swanky livery.

| Check out those other liveries

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This is such a nice, and unique livery! Hoping this could be coming soon along with a q400 rework? 🤞

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Oh please let it happen. I always love regional African flights :^)

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Would be so much fun! We need more q400 liveries quite badly :/

Nice to see this topic come back to life! This would be a crucial addition to Infinite Flight especially as fats sa East Africa is concerned.

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