Jambojet Airlines Bombardier - DHC 8 Q400 (UPDATED TOPIC)

Hi There,

I think if the Jambojet Airlines Bombardier DHC Q400 got added it would make short domestic flight’s within the region of Eastern Africa more realistic… I’ve put the Air Zimbabwe 737 as well - it isn’t the 800 variant of this aircraft it’s the 200 variant they use… I think that the 737 - 200 would add a bit of authenticity to the game as most airlines still use it today.

Image of Jambojet Bombardier DHC - 8 Q400

Hey, only 1 request is allowed per topic, also 1 image.

Please choose which you want to request and stick with it.

Sorry I didn’t know that

The search function is also a wondrous piece on software engineering. The above requests are for the ones you have requested. Worth adding a vote rather than trying again.

There is already a topic for the Jambojet Q400 buddy, follow the links I provided 👍

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