Jamaica birthday bash

Hello everybody! Today I’ve done a birthday flight as it is on 2/29. I’ve flown to Jamaica for a birthday celebration. Hope you enjoy my photos!

  • Route: KJFK - MKJS (Montego bay)
  • Aircraft: A320
  • Airline: JetBlue
  • Flight Time: 3 hours 48 minutes

Parked at the gate a T5.

Taxing to RWY 22L

Got a very good shot with a delta A330 while crossing 22R

Beautiful takeoff with delta A350 in the background

Crushing of fresh blue water.

Approaching MKJS

Smooth landing.

Just a beautiful shot I did

Hope you enjoyed my pictures have a great day!


I love those images, very well done! Most importantly,

Happy Birthday!

Thank you! I’ll be gone from the IFC for awhile to spend time

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Happy birthday!

Agreed. Spend time with your family,vand respect the people who have brought you into this world. Hope you enjoy it! 😀

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First of all, have a great birthday!

These are great pics! I’ve flown into Montego Bay a whole bunch of times in real life, and seeing the mountains FD the right side of the plane before you see the runway is always super cool

Nice for you to spend your birthday in my country

Have a happy birthday!

Happy birthday! 🥳 Hope today is the best it can be!

Whoops missed a birthday… Happy late birthday!! 🤗😉