JAL Virtual & ANA Virtual Present: Golden Week Escape - Endorsed by IFVARB

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Golden Week Escape

An event hosted by JAL Virtual Group in conjunction with ANA Virtual Group

Join JAL Virtual Group, in conjunction with our friends at ANA Virtual Group, as we celebrate Golden Week in Japan! Golden Week, or Ōgon Shūkan, is a week of celebration in Japan, as people across the country celebrate one of the largest holiday periods of the year. It is one of the busiest weeks of the year for travel in Japan, and there’s no better way to celebrate Golden Week than with an escape to the rich beauty of Okinawa.

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A newcomer to Infinite Flight’s virtual airline scene, JAL Virtual Group was founded with the goal of reinvigorating the virtual airline scene in Japan. Through our dedication and commitment to excellence, we aim to provide the best virtual airline experience for our community of pilots.

Our expansive fleet and route network allow pilots to explore the world at their own pace, exploring not only what Japan has to offer, but destinations in Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. As a member of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance, JAL Virtual Group also offers an expansive network of codeshares through Oneworld Discover.

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Established in February 2020, ANA Virtual Group has been amongst the finest virtual airlines on the IFC, flying passengers and cargo flights around the world daily.

Our expansive fleet & multiple subsidiaries connect us everywhere. Whether it’s our passenger flights with All Nippon Airways, ANA Wings, & Peach Aviation, or our freighter services with Nippon Cargo & ANA Cargo, our pilots proudly uphold the ANVA callsign and soar above the skies. As one of the most innovating and community-centric virtual airlines, we endeavor when it comes to quality & experience. There’s no doubt as to why you should spread the joy of the Inspiration of Japan!

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Golden Week Escape is JAL Virtual Group’s first public event since our launch in March 2024, and our first of many future collaborations with our friends at ANA Virtual Group. This event aims to connect the Japanese VA community in celebration of Golden Week, as we fill the skies above Japan in a race to paradise.

This is a fly-in event to Okinawa’s Naha Airport (ROAH), the fourth busiest airport in Japan. Though the main event will be a JVG/ANVA group flight departing from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (RJTT), we encourage you to find a flight that works for you. Additionally, with our oneworld and Star Alliance partners’ participation in this event, you can join in on the fun while representing your VA.

The fly-in period will occur from 2024-05-04T15:00:00Z2024-05-04T20:00:00Z. However, the busiest event period will be between 2024-05-04T17:00:00Z2024-05-04T18:00:00Z.

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The main event route is a short haul flight from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Okinawa’s Naha Airport, the third busiest air route in Japan.

Departure Flight Time Airline Aircraft
Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) [3D] 2:15 Japan Airlines A359
ANA B789, B78X

For a wider variety of choices, a list of secondary routes inbound to Naha is listed below. You may choose to fly one of these routes, or alternatively, you may participate in a VA-organized group flight.

Secondary Routes
Departure Flight Time Airline Aircraft
Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP) [3D] 1:00 EVA Air A321
China Airlines A333
Peach Aviation A320
Hiroshima (RJOA) [3D] 1:40 ANA B738
Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD) [3D] 1:40 China Eastern A320
Osaka Itami (RJOO) 1:50 Japan Airlines A359
ANA B772, B789
Seoul Incheon (RKSI) [3D] 1:50 Korean Air BCS3
Asiana Airlines A321, A333
Tokyo Narita (RJAA) [3D] 2:40 Peach Aviation A320
Sapporo New Chitose (RJCC) 3:30 Peach Aviation A320
Bangkok Don Mueang (VTBD) 3:45 AirAsia A320
Singapore Changi (WSSS) [3D] 4:40 Jetstar A320

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In partnership with JAL Virtual Group’s OneWorld Virtual partners and ANA Virtual Group’s Star Alliance partners, you can represent your favorite VA in this event. Confirmed VA participants are listed below, with participants in the main group flight listed in bold text.

VA Route Aircraft Pushback Estimated Arrival
AYVA @FinnairVA RJOO → ROAH Japan Airlines A359 2024-05-04T14:45:00Z 2024-05-04T17:00:00Z
ANA @ANAVirtualGroup RJTT → ROAH ANA B789/B78X 2024-05-04T15:00:00Z 2024-05-04T17:30:00Z
jvg @JALVirtualGroup RJTT → ROAH Japan Airlines A359 2024-05-04T15:10:00Z 2024-05-04T17:40:00Z
KEVA @KoreanAirVirtual RKSI → ROAH Korean Air BCS3 2024-05-04T08:40:00Z 2024-05-04T17:50:00Z
WJVG @WestJetVirtual RKSI → ROAH Korean Air BCS3 2024-05-04T15:45:00Z 2024-05-04T17:55:00Z
QRVA @QatariVirtual RJTT → ROAH Japan Airlines B772 2024-05-04T16:30:00Z 2024-05-04T19:00:00Z
AirBaltic @airBalticVirtual RJTT → ROAH ANA B789 2024-05-04T17:00:00Z 2024-05-04T19:30:00Z

For more information about any of the virtual airlines participating in this event, click on the arrow next to the corresponding VA’s name.

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  • Naha Airport is a smaller airport, meaning that gate space may be limited at times. We kindly request that you remain patient in the case that a gate is not available.
  • As the event is being held on the Expert Server, adherence to Expert Server rules is required, and pilots are expected to maintain a professional environment at all times.
  • In the presence of ATC, please follow all ATC instructions.
  • JAL Virtual Group, ANA Virtual Group, and all participating virtual airlines are not responsible for any violations received during the event.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know. We will publish more detailed event procedures within 24-48 hours of the start of the event.

JAL Virtual Group is not associated, endorsed or sponsored by the real world airline, Japan Airlines, or its subsidiaries. ANA Virtual Group is not associated, endorsed, or sponsored by the real world airline, All Nippon Airways, or its subsidiaries. All Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways logos are registered trademarks of Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, respectively.



May the 4th be with you!

What’s better than holding an event on this special day!

@TAROMVirtual Could possibly join this one. I will have a chat with my staff team 👍😄

Kind regards,


Chief Executive Officer - TAROM Virtual


Can’t wait!


Just a week remains until the event! Come join us and plenty of other virtual airlines as we celebrate Golden Week in Japan.


Thank you @JALVirtualGroup for inviting us to your event! We are happy to fly together with you guys!

Chief Executive Officer


We’re excited to announce that this weekend’s event has been officially endorsed by the IFVARB! We look forward to seeing everyone in Japan on Saturday.

IFVARB Endorsed is a series where the IFVARB partners with a VA who has set up an intriguing and interesting event. This event has been specially selected for this endorsement and has the full support of the IFVARB. This endorsement is open to any event hosted on the IFC by a VA or VO. Look out for our stamp and our staff on this event and many for the future.


We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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Unfortunately I can no longer attend

@FinnairVA and @ANAVirtualGroup are off and running!

@JALVirtualGroup will be underway shortly with a slight delay, as well our friends at @WestJetVirtual and @KoreanAirVirtual. It’s time to head to Naha!

38 and counting headed to the islands of Okinawa! Thank you to all participants that have taken part in this event so far.


It was a pleasure to host this years Golden Week Escape with our friends at Japan Airlines Virtual Group! We hope all VA’s who are participating in this event with us had a safe landing/are having a safe flight. Thank you to @Thunderbolt and his staff for co-hosting this event with us!

-ANA Virtual Group Staff Team

Thanks for such a wonderful event! We can’t wait for the next one!

-Sav CEO

Great event, looking forward to more!

KEVA COO | Korean Air Virtual